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Book One - The Traditional Native American Flute  Using the Chromatic Method. Vince Redhouse (WindPeople Music founder and instructor) has written Book one on teaching the Chromatic method on the native flute.
*Book comes with play along CD*

Native Style Flute

Native American Style Flutes in F#m


Made by Ernie J Woodworking 

and fine tuned by Vince Redhouse.


These flutes are a perfect match for the "Traditional Native American Flute Book One"- By Vince Redhouse

Beaded Flute Wrap

$ 85.00

Hand Made Native Flute bead wraps.


These beaded wraps are handmade with size 15mm glass beads then hand sewn onto a soft yet strong leather. A perfect accessory to your Native Flute.

Native American Flute Flashcards


* Learn fingering faster!

* Learn note names faster!

* Learn alternate fingerings and enharmonic equivalents!

* Includes instructions and helpful tips



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