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WindPeople Music Native Flute Classes have been held in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Washington State.


Currently WindPeople Music is offering onsite classes within a school curriculum and online.


WindPeople Music Native Flute Classes are typically 10 or more students per class that have some understanding of music theory. Beginner classes are also available.



Classes normally meet once a week.  Online Classes can meet more.


Students who begin WindPeople Music Native flute classes are given:


* A Native Style Wooden Flute in F#m

* A Flute carrying case

* The Traditional Native American Flute Using the Chromatic Method Book One
* Sheet Music

* Homework assignments


* If schools do not have access to music stands,tuners, and metronomes these will also be included.


* Beaded flute wrap with Certificate of completion.


* Photo memory book for those classes where photos are taken.




If you are interested in bringing WindPeeople Music Native Flute Classes to your school

Please Email :   






WindPeople Music Class Information

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